The Key To Experience A Safe And Euphoric Prostate Orgasm


The juvenile youth of the generation have started accepting the anal play quite sportingly. The understanding of the right touch for giving their partners the most pleasurable orgasms of their life is a need for all the men and women likely. However, the idea of butt play is way too rare in the case of men. The prostate milking can provide one of the most intense orgasmic experiences to your dear love.

The tactics of the pleasing butt can be a bit of work but it is surely worth the euphoric pleasure your partner receives. The prostate orgasm requires specific massaging techniques and sometimes might need a prostate massaging toy to enhance the feeling of climax.

The preparations

The receivers and givers need to prepare themselves to ensure that the best orgasm is experienced. The kind of preparation that the process seeks is to make sure that you both experience a protected and secured as well as peaceful delight after you climax.

The givers:

  • Trimmed fingernails, and with no jewelry.
  • Make sure your finger doesn’t have an open wound (use a latex finger cot otherwise).
  • Make sure you use lubrication before starting the foreplay. (thick water-based anal lube)
  • Know that many of the beginners are quite nervous about the first experience.

The receivers:

  • The receivers need to assure that they have normal bowel disposal. (use an anal douche to clean the passage)
  • One might feel like peeing as soon as the prostate is found, but do not stress you won’t just pee like that.
  • You can shave the hairs off your region if you want.

The use of anal toys

Anal toys magnify and act especially pleasurable as the vibration stimulates the whole of the butt and not just the region of work. The insides of the anus are sensitive and so it should be taken care of by utmost delicacy. Know exactly where to work on to provoke the best orgasm. It would be better if your partner is willing to let you know of the sensitivity.


The prostate orgasm is essentially more intense as the arousal is slow. The climax is not just organ-based but serves for overall drainage as one experiences the high. The orgasms can either give you an overwhelming experience or would serve you the worst experience. Know the facts to deals with each phase better. Be as expressive as you can be to intensify the feeling.